Sunday, October 22, 2017


North Park Village’s Revitalization Initiative – “Catch the Vision, Dare to Dream”

In 1989, Congress authorized the establishment of a National Commission on Severely Distressed Public Housing to identify severely distressed housing and to develop a National Plan of Action to improve their conditions. In 1993, based on the Commission’s recommendations, the HOPE VI program was created. Under the management of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the HOPE VI program focuses on revitalization in three major areas: physical improvements, management improvements, and social and community services to address resident needs.

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development awarded a $30 million grant to North Charleston Housing Authority in October 2001 to transform the North Park Village public housing community and its surrounding neighborhoods. North Charleston Housing Authority’s initiative will demolish 535 barrack-style units of public housing built in 1941 as war housing, redesign the site as a new mixed-income community of renters and homeowners, and connect the new community to the surrounding neighborhood by providing increased access to the neighboring park, school, businesses and employers. The overall initiative will support economic development through site and neighborhood improvements, a mix of incomes, extensive homeownership and a trained and able workforce.

The plan will replace 509 onsite public housing units with 126 new public housing units, 220 rental units, 25 market rate rental units, 80 affordable homeownership opportunities, and 50 market rate homeownership opportunities, totaling 501 onsite replacement units. This plan will ultimately create 987 units of safe, decent and affordably priced housing for the City of North Charleston. In conjunction with the City’s Noisette Community Development Plan, the North Charleston Housing Authority’s HOPE VI initiative will redevelop 90% of the distressed or blighted housing in the southernmost part of the City of North Charleston.

Families residing at North Park Village at the time the Housing Authority was awarded the grant are entitled to support in relocating from the property during the demolition and redevelopment phases. Over 90 percent have found replacement housing in the City of North Charleston.

These families are also having access to, and staff support with participating in the community and supportive service program designed to promote self-sufficiency and resident empowerment. Over 50 local organizations are committed to participating and providing a continuum of coordinated services specifically designed to meet the needs of North Park Village families. Those families interested in returning the newly developed community will have to have met specified milestones and goals prior to returning to newly developed public housing homes, or to take advantage of the affordable homeownership opportunities planned.

The North Park Village redevelopment program will utilize its $30 million grant to complement and lead a $1 billion neighborhood revitalization effort coving over 3,000 acres in North Charleston.